Morphology (18-20 weeks)

Morphology (18-20 weeks)

This ultrasound examination is usually best undertaken at 19-20 weeks of gestation to confirm that the baby is forming normally and to detect any structural fetal abnormality which may be present.

The ultrasound specifically assesses the wellbeing of the baby and will examine important anatomical structures such as the spine, brain, heart, kidneys, limbs and also check the position of the placenta.

At this stage of pregnancy, careful examination of the anatomical structures will provide a complete assessment of the baby’s structure.

Although many abnormalities can be reliably detected with ultrasound, unfortunately not all can.

Sometimes examinations can be difficult due to the position of the baby and other factors. In these instances, we may not be able to complete all views of the baby and you may need to return for a follow-up for completion of your ultrasound.

Should you have any questions regarding the above information or your ultrasound examination please do not hesitate to ask the Sonographer or Dr Susan Winspear.